世界杯预选赛下注Based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


世界杯预选赛下注Based in Colombia

Release Date:

3rd March 2016

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  • USD $7.99
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Erupting from the shackles of your prison, you are an Overlord, an ancient life form of immeasurable power who seeks revenge against the evil Kesedihan. Wipe out entire planetary forces, destroy cities and fight bosses as you seek to eliminate all existence of Kesedihan’s kin from the universe.

The Space Overlords


A fire giant with the ability to send out flaming heat waves from his hands. He is incredibly skilled in close quarters combat, robust, violent, and has a variety of physical attacks to crush any resistance.


A water type overlord, Terbang is equipped with gravity emitters that allow her to float. While the fastest overlord, her attacks are not as strong as her brothers. She uses projectiles to attack and is able to charge her attack to create a massive power attack.


One of the strongest overlords, Phemus does not travel at high speeds, but due to his four arms is able to deal massive damage at close range.


A hulking walking armour with two massive arms and tentacle-like protuberances as hair, he has a devastating spin attack which can be incredibly dangerous combined with a boost at the right time.


  • Smash, Shoot and stomp your way through entire cities and planetary defences
  • PVP multiplayer mode (online and offline) for up to four players
  • Create your own planets using the built in Planet Editor
  • Six enemy types with stronger variations to face & defeat
  • Four Playable characters
  • 56 Story mode levels
  • 4 Multiplayer game modes


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The Team

  • Directors

  • José Roberto Ardila García
  • Edwin Vargas Cortés

  • Game Design
  • José Roberto Ardila García
  • Edwin Vargas Cortés

  • Level Designers
  • Crisitan Duque
  • David Torres
  • Edwin Vargas Cortés
  • Jhon Rubiano
  • José Roberto Ardila García

  • Programming
  • José Roberto Ardila García
  • Camilo Andres Pineda Vasquez
  • Kevin Mateo Riaño Vargas
  • Yeison Estiven Vasquez Jaramillo
  • Camilo Andres Pineda Vasquez
  • José Roberto Ardila García
  • Yeison Estiven Vasquez Jaramillo

  • Art
  • Edwin Vargas Cortés
  • Cristian Duque
  • Jhon Rubiano
  • David Torres

  • Audio By: BURN Interactive Sound
  • Felipe Martínez-Aparicio de la Hoz
  • Naila Burney
  • Tariq Burney

  • Voices
  • Agnin - Felipe Martínez-Aparicio
  • Artifical Overlord - Naila Burney
  • Beruk Jahat - Kevin Riaño
  • Kebak'Aran - David Torres
  • Kesedihan - Naila Burney
  • Phemus - Edwin Vargas
  • Terbag - Naila Burney
  • Wabak - Naila Burney

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